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About Fuel on Demand

FUEL ON DEMAND is a leading supplier of diesel fuel and lubricants serving customers across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We provide superior customer service using innovative technology and specialized equipment and, by understanding our customers’ needs and challenges in the industries we serve, we have earned the reputation of exceeding our client’s expectations.

FUEL ON DEMAND provides service to small, mid-size and large companies involved in the fields of construction, demolition, civil and residential work. We service wheel-to-wheel, and provide bulk delivery to on-site tanks. If one is required, we are able to provide the right size tank for you, complete with monitoring and safety systems in place to protect your site and your fuel. We also service marine vessels, building generators, and are available for any special events requiring diesel fuel.

FUEL ON DEMAND offers night-time service so your equipment is ready to run first thing in the morning. This service prevents down-time on your site during your busy workday, and costly time when your operators must wait for delivery, or fuel their own equipment.

FUEL ON DEMAND uses proprietary technology allowing you and our team to manage your fuel. Reporting features have been and are continuing to be developed to allow our customers access to data to assist in costing out your projects, and determining future needs.

FUEL ON DEMAND remains competitive in fuel supply market by customizing service, pricing and payment options to meet your company’s needs. Further technological enhancements currently in development will ensure that we offer our clients the best service for the best price.

FUEL ON DEMAND strives to maintain its standard of quality for safe, environmentally sound practices. Our team is always available to offer service and solutions to our customers. We look forward to working with you.

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The Fuel On Demand Team

Management Team

Russ Barclay
President and Operations Manager

Russ brings 20 years of experience in Fuel Industry as a previous owner/operator of a franchised Fuel Delivery Service. His extensive knowledge of Truck and Fuel Management is a highly valued asset to Fuel On Demand. As Manager of Operations and Dispatch, he ensures safe and timely delivery of your fuel with a focus on your business and projects as well as safety and environmental concerns before, during and after servicing your site and equipment.

Robert Rodvik
Chief Financial Officer

Working with several business in either public practice or private setting to develop internal management capacity, Robert has built finance teams to set growth and profitability targets. With a BBA (finance), MBA, and CMA, Robert can help firms manage everything from working capital to financing, project and cash flow management, NPV, make or buy decisions, and break-even points. Robert has built financial systems from the ground up utilizing every functional silo. He has negotiated leases with vendors and sat with Deputy Ministers and CFO at a provincial level.

Robert believes in continuous improvement through innovation. All staff should have the chance to develop themselves to their fullest by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Robert is a proactive manager providing strong communication practices to ensure a healthy, transparent and accountable team.

A healthy balance sheet and a reasonable rate of return is always a dose of good medicine.

Linda Barclay
Administration Manager

Linda provides the skills and knowledge to keep the paperwork flowing. Her many years of office administration, technology and professional buying experience are valued contributions to our company. Duties include contract management, invoicing, digital and connectivity technology, database management, and other general office duties.

Fred Bakewell
Consultant-Business Development

Fred is a results-focused, quality-driven professional with extensive experience in business and operational development positions, demonstrating consistent achievement of objectives, strong sales and service skills, and dedicated to organizational goals.

He offers advanced presentation and relational development abilities with a track record of generating multi-million dollar business growth and establishing strategic partnerships increasing channel revenue.

Fred is tenacious in building sales and securing customer loyalty.



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